About Us

Modway supplies the furniture and design trade with over 7,000 SKUs stored in our strategically located east and west coast warehouses totaling more than 1 million sq ft of dedicated space.

Modway accounts benefit from extensive in-stock color, size, and style options with no order minimums, full drop-shipping capabilities, real-time inventory counts, and an easy online ordering process, making this a wholesale program that works for you.

Modway services every major furniture category, and we now carry an extensive line of boxed mattresses and area rugs. Catering to both modern indoor and outdoor furniture needs, we make it easy to find the perfect products for your next project.


Tuvya Greisman


Shneur Hirsch of Blessed Memory

Vice President

Moshe Melamed



Shmuly R.


Zvi P.


Jessica R.

Accounts Payable Lead

Asim M.

Accounts Payable Representative

Brittney R.

Accounts Receivable Lead

Kelly D.

Sr. Accounts Receivable Specialist

Jacqueline S.

Accounts Receivable Representative

Sales & Marketing

Justin L.

VP of Operations & Sales

Moshe G.

Sales Representative

Zalman S.

Sales Representative

Michael F.

Sales Representative

Usher P.

Marketplace Director

Shmaya K.

Marketplace Auditor/Analyst

Meir B.

Office Manager

Paige C.

E-Commerce Coordinator

Customer Experience

Eric B.

Shipping Coordinator

Yanira E.

CS Representative

Jackie G.

CS Representative

Courtney M.

CS Representative

Erika B.

CS Representative

Denise B.

CS Representative

Kwesi O.

CS Representative

Charmaine K.

CS Representative/Claims

Jewel S.

Claims Representative

Lakisha P.

Orders Entry Clerk

Nastassha R.

Orders Entry Clerk

Nicole C.

Orders Entry Clerk

Matthew M.

Customer Sales Associate (Outlet)


Dan R.

Data Analyst

Mike M.

Product Data Specialist

Rahi P.

Product Data Assistant

Ashley L.

Product Data Assistant

Ulises F.

Product Data Assistant


Jessica G.

Lead Graphic Designer

Lennon C.

Graphic Designer

Olivia S.

Graphic Designer

Moshe K.

Graphic Designer

Elizabeth O.

Photo Director

Product Development

Jack K.

VP of Product Development & Sourcing

Yonatan G.

Director of New Product Development

Jane H.

Product Development

Supply Chain

Sharon W.

Purchasing Manager

Michelle R.

Sr. Supply Chain Manager

Schneur Z.

VP Shipping and Logistics

Shaul R.

Inventory Analyst

Human Resources

Maritza M.

Human Resource Director

NJ Warehouse

Sholom B.

Sr. Warehouse Manager

Gustavo B.

Warehouse Manager

Stephany P.

Customer Delivery/Warehouse Coordinator

Anthony C.

Custom Order Coordinator

CA Warehouse

Shmuel V.

Warehouse Manager

José G.

Warehouse Office Coordinator

Luis R.

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Hilda P.

Pickup and Delivery Coordinator

Steve C.

Office Clerk