Fathom 2 Piece Living Room Set

color Walnut



This classic table's top and legs are shaped by molding thin wood veneers under heat and pressure. The molded plywood coffee table features eight-ply legs and three hardwood inner plies sandwiched between your choice of four natural face veneers. Designed to comfortably fit the body, the sculpted form of the molded plywood chairs are produced using thin sheets of lightweight veneer gently molded into curved shapes with natural rubber shock mounts to absorb movement. Since then, the chairs' aesthetic integrity, enduring charm, and comfort have earned it recognition as the best of modern design.


Overall product dimensions 59"l x 34"w x 27"h
Overall table dimensions 34"l x 34"w x 16"h
Overall chair dimensions 25"l x 22.5"w x 27"h