Gibraltar Upholstered Vinyl Lounge Chair

color White



Some passageways last miles and others only as long as your cup of coffee. While the geographical symbolism behind the name is something profound unto itself, this modern lounge piece is no less impressive. Fashionably upright, with a perfect tilt backward, Gibraltar connotes relaxation with a purpose. While some lounge chairs may lull you to sleep, the modernism latent in Gibraltar encourages the active pursuit of ideas. With its fashionably buttoned padded vinyl cushions and polished stainless steel base, this set reminds us that all narrow pathways are met with a bountiful opening at the end.


Overall product dimensions 54"d x 32"w x 33"h
Ottoman dimensions 26.5"d x 32"w x 13.5"h
Chair dimensions 26.5"d x 32"w x 33"h

Dimension Drawing